The End of the Road

New updates for The Evils of Illmire have arrived!

The bestiary conversion files for Dungeon World and Sharp Sword & Sinister Spells have been added to the big zip file!

All stretch goals are now complete! This Kickstarter is complete!

Be sure to head on over to to download the latest version. If you have any trouble or need some help, feel free to contact me!

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New, Fully-Illustrated Pregen Document

A little while back I released the pre-generated characters for Illmire. A gentleman that goes by the name DC Stow took it upon himself to illustrate the characters and put them out there for folks to use.

I was so impressed not only by his initiative (he rolled a 20 in my eyes), but I adored his lovely artwork! So much that I reached out to him and said "Hey. This is awesome. Let me pay you."

But a gentleman he was, and refused payment, for he was just happy to create something awesome and help support fans of The Evils of Illmire.

You can understand how this may have impressed me even more.

So, naturally, I had to hire him, and requested he do a second set of PC illustrations, so that there are two different "looks" to choose from for each one.

Behold! Fully illustrated pre-generated characters for Illmire!