Old stuff is good stuff. None of it is perfect; most of it is unfinished. But it represents a learning and exploration process, which I think is valuable to reflect upon.


This is a simple two page game for post-apocalyptic role-playing. Kind of has a zombie-theme.


Here’s a simple game I made for my buddies. Based off of the online graphic novel for the Playstation Pocket called NYC2123 by Chad and Paco Allen.

Star Worlds: Streets of Mos Eisley

Sometimes I get the itch for some wars that take place in the stars. This is a hack of World of Dungeons (by John Harper, based on Dungeon World), and was inspired Michael Wight's Streets of Marienburg. It's a quick play, rules-light system that includes a simple starting location (the titular Mos Eisley of course).

Shadow-Hack: Old-School Hack Meets Shadowrun

This is an attempt to mash together Shadowrun and Kirin Robinson's Old School Hack.

World of Shadows: Shadowrun Meets World of Dungeons

This is a small hack of World of Dungeons by John Harper meant to play Shadowrun.

Perilous Worlds

My OG heartbreaker. Super alpha, circa 2011. It was a learning experience. Shortly after this I discovered PbtA games and lost the taste for turn-based combat. Would be fun to run with kids though!

Legends of Fallenthrone

A fantasy adventure themed hack of Danger Patrol.