Here is a generic campaign hex map. Can be used as a player’s hex map or for a DM/GM to use. I tried to make simple symbols that could be fairly easily mimicked by any would-be mappers. Enjoy!

Download Free Do-It-Yourself Campaign Hax Map

I'll just go ahead and post the source files because I couldn’t find anything like them when I searched. Maybe I’m searching the wrong way, or I just suck at searching or something. I don’t know what to tell you but if you search ‘hex grid’ or ‘hex map pattern’ or ‘hex crawl mapping resources’ or all the other important keywords on Google, all you get are links to big goofy stock art sites with a bunch of files that don’t give you a nice hex grid for mapping.

Download Free Hex Map Resources Here.

Note: Here is a link to another good resource if you want to generate your own hex patterns to use for maps.